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Note: All events listed as TBA until confirmed, this list will change up until a few days prior to before the convention begins when we print the onsite pamphlet. This list will change, usually additions but also some scheduling changes. Finalized list will be in an onsite pamphlet.
Note: There are usually more games added at the Convention that are listed here.

Dungeons & Dragons

Greyhawk Reborn

GHR Lead Dave Guerrieri with multiple GM's!

From the Warhorn page: We will be offering 3 slots a day of Greyhawk Reborn goodness on both Saturday and Sunday. Our slots will run 10 am to 2 pm, 3 pm to 7 pm, and 8 pm to midnight, both days. We are happy to be able to offer an extra slot this year! Of course, there are many other games and events occurring as well as GHR, and Gamers of Summer does run on Monday, September 4 as well.

To see the GHR events list click here for the Greyhawk Reborn Warhorn Listing!

NOTE: Signing up for a Greyhawk Reborn event through their Warhorn page linked above does not sign you up for a convention entry badge!

Machi Koro

Ultimate Alien

Hero Realms

Tiny Epic Quest


Great Western Trail

Terraforming Mars

Frugal Mule Games

Machi Koro

Cards Against Humanity

Note: Will highly likely contain Adult/Mature/*Content that gives the game it's name* sort of material. Mainly for Ages 18+ or older i.e. no unaccompanied younger folk...

Star Fleet Battles Universe

GM Paul Franz

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Roll for the Galaxy

Twilight Imperium


Warhammer Diskwars


Dessert Contest!!!